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  • Bostock Brother's Chicken - something else!

    Have you tried Bostock Brother's Chicken?

    If you have then you will know what we are talking about.  It is different in texture and taste to other chickens and that might be something to do with the fact the chickens wander around in an organic apple orchard all day.  

  • James & Anneke's Low Carb Family

    Long time Keto Bounty Box customers James and Anneke have a Low Carb way of eating which started out due to James finding out he had diabetes type 1. For the first year gettting used to the impact of living with a chronic condition there were many many challenges that affected his quality of life with major sugar highs and lows, with mood swings, blurred vision and stomach cramps – this really affected the whole family.


  • Dakshina "South" Indian Spices

    We are thrilled to be exclusive stockists of Malcom and Suhasani's products and welcome you to take a look in our Pantry page to discover the meal spice mixes and seasoning spices to make every meal something special and totally delicious!

    See Malcolm and Suhasini talk about their creations here...



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