James & Anneke's Low Carb Family


“We love the quality of the food we get. Getting it on a Friday is great to be set up for the weekend. It really helps with reducing the amount of takeaways we buy. On Saturday morning it's great to have the Keto treats to enjoy with our coffee and nice to not have to do any baking.”

Long time Keto Bounty Box customers James and Anneke have a Low Carb way of eating which started out due to James finding out he had diabetes type 1. For the first year getting used to the impact of living with a chronic condition there were many many challenges that affected his quality of life with major sugar highs and lows, with mood swings, blurred vision and stomach cramps – this really affected the whole family. After reading Dr Berstein's Diabetes Solution James has transformed his diet to Keto and hasn't looked back. Within 2 weeks his insulin requirements were at least halved and symptoms were all normalised and blood sugar stable. 

"Getting over the initial addiction to sugar is the short lived hard part, but once that is behind you there are so many benefits and you really enjoy the broader range of foods that we weren't eating before. It's really nice to have the full fat – wholefoods and not needing the constant sugary fix."   

Anneke who is a nurse initially starting eating Keto in support of James and soon saw the benefits with her endometriosis symptoms improving and in general experiencing better health and sleeping. She also lost 27 kgs over the first year! 

The kids are at higher risk of inheriting Diabetes type 1 so James and Anneke felt it was much better to teach them this way of eating while they were young. Their behavior and sleeping has definitely improved overall. If we go to a friends the kids are allowed to enjoy the food on offer, but we do notice the change in their behavior straight away. We feel so many benefits ourselves and love to share that with our children, after all it's mainly meat and veges – so that's all good for them and we all love sharing the Keto/Low Carb treats together.

James and Anneke shared the knowledge and benefits of their low carb eating with their parents and Anneke's Mum has converted to a low carb diet and manages her type 2 diabetes with her new way of eating.

James' sister Catherine began baking Keto breads and treats after falling in love with the Keto lifestyle herself and now she runs the successful business Little Keto Bakery which we proudly include products from in our Keto Bounty Box here at Harriet & George.  


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