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It all started when Harriet & George opened on the 4th August 2017
The business is a family run organic produce & wholefoods store located at
No 3 Collins Ave, Linden, Tawa, Wellington

Open hours are Mon - Fri 9am – 4 pm, Sat 10am - 1pm

Owners Kurt and Mashal and their 5 children started Harriet & George as an extension to their family belief that this amazing world has been created to sustain us perfectly as it is. Food and nature are not to be tampered with and the closer we can stay to how it naturally occurs the healthier we will be.

Kurt started out believing that eating processed and genetically modified food was better. He used to tease Mashal about ordering organic fruit & veges for the family as they often looked smaller, less perfect and more expensive. Through his own research and desire to maintain a healthy weight his mentality has completely changed to be right alongside Mashal and together it has become a common ambition to eat healthier and live healthier together with their children and to share the joy they find in good natural food. When Kurt is not working on the business he enjoys surfing and hanging out with his kids.

George & Harriet Store Linden NZMashal has always loved to cook and experiment in the kitchen finding new ways to delight and interest her family in the kitchen (usually accompanied by plenty of singing) and around the family table. In 2015 Mashal started Raw Glory - New Zealand's leading raw cake company which now supplies cakes to stores from Invercargill to Keri Keri. When Mashal is not working on the business or taking care of their family you will find her tinkling away on the piano or walking around the boat sheds in Camborne. Beginning with the opening of the store Harriet & George in 2017 it is now fantastic to have all the goods available for home delivery with the Bounty Box service. Kurt and Mashal are excited to think they will be sending good, natural and organically sourced amazing food right into peoples homes, onto their tables and into their bodies! It is a real privilege.

These two businesses Harriet & George with the Bounty Box service and Raw Glory healthy desserts go hand in hand it's marvellous to now have your main meal covered in Bounty Boxes and these delicious Raw Glory cakes just the right little treat for dessert. Both are available from the store in Linden. Our belief is - “food is medicine”

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