Sprouted Good Seed Buns 4PK
Sprouted Good Seed Buns 4PK

Sprouted Good Seed Buns 4PK

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Home St. Gluten Free Sprouted Good Seed Buns is so nutritious and healthy attributing to a good percent of your daily dietary needs. Go sprouted gluten free bread!


Product Information:
Our gluten free buns have been baked with sprouted and activated seeds meaning the nutrient store has been unlocked, making them more bio-available. Thanks little seeds for coming to life for us!

Pack Size:
4 Pack, 360g

Water, Modified Tapioca, Coconut Flour*, Maize Starch, Sprouted Seeds (6.2%) (Sunflower*, Sesame*, Amaranth), Activated Seeds (5.1%) (Pumpkin*, Linseed, Canihua*, Chia) Sunflower Oil, Sprouted Brown Rice Flour*, White Rice Flour, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Rice Malt*, Sorghum Flour, Besan Flour, Free Range Egg White, Psyllum Husk , Coconut Nector*, Guar Gum, Yeast, Saltwell (Sea salt), Flax Fibre, Citrus Fibre




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