Zany Zeus Cream Cheese

Zany Zeus Cream Cheese

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Wellington's own Zany Zeus Cream Cheese!

Has a soft and spreadable texture with a mildly acidic flavour.

Traditionally, it is made from un-skimmed milk enriched with additional cream. Cream cheese is not naturally matured and is meant to be consumed fresh.

Cream cheese is typically used in savoury snacks, as a spread on bread, bagels, crackers, and various types of raw vegetables. It can be used in cheesecakes and salads or as a base to some spreads, such as yogurt-cream cheese topping cakes and slices.

For years they have been producing organic milk because not only does it taste like milk should – fresh, sweet, creamy and not over processed – but there is a huge demand for it by consumers and particularly the hospitality industry where it is the preferred milk by baristas.  Zany Zeus currently supplies organic milk and cream to the Wellington market where demand for it has been growing steadily over the years.



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