Crafty Chook Candle - 11 scents
Crafty Chook Candle - 11 scents

Crafty Chook Candle - 11 scents

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Fragrance is very personal and scents affect the way we feel. They can evoke feelings of magical times and places. Let each scent take you on a journey, relax, unwind, and be reminded of fun times.

Crafty Chook Candles come in glass containers with a cotton wick and will be a striking part of your decor. They have a high scent throw and smell beautiful even if not lit. The sizes are perfect for coffee tables, dining table, shelves, or desks. Ideal as a gift or to be burned all year around.
Crafty Chook Candles are made from Soy wax which is free from toxins and pollutants. Soy Wax burns with zero petro-carbon soot, unlike paraffin wax. They will last 30-50% longer than a traditional paraffin wax candle.

Safety and Care:
Never leave candles unattended and keep them out of reach of children and pets. Read warnings on the bottom of the jar. When burning your candle for the first time, ensure to burn it until the wax pool reaches the edge of the glass. This will ensure your candle will always burn flat, allowing maximum burning time. Trim your wick to 5-10mm every time you light your candle. We recommend a burn time of 3-4 hours.
Made in Papamoa NZ. 

Scent Descriptions:

- French Pear
Sophisticated rich & creamy. Juicy tree-ripened pears, slow baked with grated cinnamon quills, brown sugar and vanilla pods.

- Vanilla Caramel
Intoxicating mouth-watering sticky caramel, blended with rich creamy vanilla, toasted coconut and subtle notes of Frankincense.

- Strawberries & Champagne
A classic strawberry & champagne scent. Notes of sweet strawberry yet effervescent!

- Peonies & Tea Rose
A stunning floral bouquet of blooming peonies and fragrant tea rose underpinned with soft vanilla absolute notes!

- French Lavender
Sweet and floral with fresh herbaceous undertones. Take a deep breath and relax. Transport yourself to the lavender fields and leave your worries behind. 

- Christmas Tree

- Gingerbread Men

- Three Wise Men

- Christmas Lilies

- Pink Apple & Vanilla
Elegant and zesty. Fruity sweet versus tart. A spectacular gourmand blend of Pink Lady Apples and sun-ripened Pomegranate infused with creamy Vanilla pod and sweet short crust pastry.

- Ylang Ylang Sandalwood & Vanilla
Exotic sensual and oriental. Heady Indonesian ylang ylang balanced with ground vanilla pod and green sandalwood.



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