Home St. Paleo Almond, Turmeric and Cricket Bread

Home St. Paleo Almond, Turmeric and Cricket Bread

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Home St. Gluten Free Paleo Almond, Tumeric and Cricket Bread is paleo taken to new heights of greatness!  Super spice Tumeric teamed up with nutritious almond and protein packed cricket flour. Yup cricket flour, don't bug out - it's the wave of the future.  A flavour profile like no other. Toast, top and revel in the goodness.

Pack Size:
7.5 Servings Per Package, 470gm. Serving Size 63gm.

Water, Tapioca, Almond Meal (10%), Free Range Eggs, Ground Linseed, Coconut Oil, Coconut Flour*, Coconut Nectar, Green Banana Flour*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Cricket Flour* (1%) Saltwell, Yeast, Guar Gun, Flax Seed Fibre*, Psyllium Husk, Tumeric Powder (0.3%), Citrus Fibre *CERTIFIED ORGANIC



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