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Wellington Trawling Co. Delivers FRESH Fish! As we all know, fish is WILD/FREE RANGE and is only available when the weather permits our local fishers to go out. At Bounty Box to ensure Freshness we offer a tier option with Premium, Wellington Favourites, Cheap and Cheerful and lastly Homemade Fish and Chips. Every tier/category has a selection of fish.  

Premium Tier options

  • Groper (Hapuka)
  • Snapper 
  • John Dory 
  • Salmon (Always available)

Wellington Trawling Company With 40 years of experience to deliver beautiful FRESH Fish! Wellington Seamarket takes all measures to ensure quality. Keeping a high standard of fresh fish takes effort across the board. It begins with their own boats and icing the fish as soon as it hits the deck! This keeps the fish in top condition for when it lands. Our boats do short trips out to the cook strait, Paremata ad the Westcoast, meaning the fish is not on board too long, Then it hits our shore where it is handled carefully, re-iced and stacked into our chiller, running at well below zero! It doesn't stay there for long. From there it is processed through our factory, filleted by experts to maximise recovery. This stage is imperative! Only ask someone that has tangoed with filleting a fish before, and they'll tell you how easy it is to butcher it. From there, it goes straight to our shops and slapped onto our fish window (or in this case to Bounty Box to be shipped to you!), a marvel of sculpture ice and New Zealand's BEST SEAFOOD! 



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