Goats Milk and Tallow Soap - Cernunnos Mil

Goats Milk and Tallow Soap - Cernunnos Mil

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Tallow soap is an excellent moisturizer for both the skin and the hair as it is the closest oil to our natural skin, this makes it suitable for both dry and oily skin types. Tallow helps to produce rich, creamy lather that is gently cleansing and wonderful for skin. Pure tallow soap is very popular for people who have various skin conditions, because it is so gentle and effective at the same time. Tallow soap is a very hard soap, and lasts a long time.

Contains:  Grass-fed Beef Tallow, Water, Lye, Essential Oil


Charcoal and Rosemary - also suitable as a shampoo bar
Tallow, Coconut oil, Goat's milk, Lye, Charcoal. Rosemary Essential oil

Honey -   Ingredients - Tallow, Goats milk, Lye, Honey, Beeswax 

Teatree -
 Tallow, Goats milk, Lye, Teatree essential oil

Tallow, Goats milk, Lye 



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