Chicken Burgers  Southern Style 360g - Bostock Bros

Chicken Burgers Southern Style 360g - Bostock Bros

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The Bostock brothers are determined to give their organic chickens the best life. Their apple orchard provides the perfect environment to farm organic chickens. The birds enjoy a happy life roaming freely among the apple trees and are housed in uniquely designed french chalets, which are clean and spacious and enable the chickens to roam freely outside once they are fully feathered.

Organic Southern Style Chicken Burgers


 Organic Free Range Chicken (96%)

Natural Sea Salt Paprika

Organic Lemon Peel, Organic Garlic and Onion 

Organic Chilli and peppers

Organic Sugar 

Organic Herbs

Net Weight 360g

Nutrition Information

servings per pack: 2

Servings size: 90g        Perserving          per 100g

Energy                         827.7                   919.7 KJ

Protein                        15.4g                   17.1g

Fat                               15.0g                    16.6g 

 -Saturated                  4.7g                      5.3g

Carbohydrate              0.9g                     0.9g   

 -Sugar                         0.5g                     0.6g

Sodium                       480mg                  533.3mg




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