Premium Game Pork Mince (400g)

Premium Game Pork Mince (400g)

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 Our Organic Pork Mince is a course grind with a decent fat content. Perfect for dumplings, sausage rolls or meatballs.

We're super lucky to have a small supply of Certified Organic pigs. They live a totally free range life and, of course, are never treated with antibiotics or growth hormones.

We started as one Hawke’s Bay farm with a mission: to make organic meat available to as many people as possible. Alongside this mission, we also wanted to encourage other farms to take up Organic Certification. People are becoming aware that organic foods are just better for you because they don’t contain any synthetic additives, growth hormones, GMOs, chemicals, or antibiotics. Simply put, you are what you eat, so it pays to know who grows your food and what it contains.



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