Strawberry Compote - Regular 225g

Strawberry Compote - Regular 225g

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Strawberry Compote no added sugar vegan spread by Glam Jams. Soooooo full of strawberries, with a touch of lemon.

Childhood in a jar. Lovely as a spread, in baking, on cereal, or with yoghurt. Only 0.5g sugar per serve and no rubbishy additives. Low carb too so great for Keto diet

Excellent for the littler people of your household with a sweet tooth, and the taller people of your household that would like them to eat less sugar but still want them to have fun. My kids are in their teens now, but got to say this flavour is one of their favourite ones too.

Store Compote chilled for 2 months, it is also freezable for 12 months. 
Available in Small 100g, Regular 225g, Large 380g, Really Large 980g

Strawberries 85%, lemon, natural sweetener (stevia leaf extract with yeast fermented erythritol), citrus pectin and guar gum.

 Nutritional Info:
avg  quantities:   per 13g serve   per 100 g 
energy  19kj 143kj 
protein 0.1g 0.7g
fat-total 0g 0.2g
fat-saturated 0g 0g
carbohydrates 0.6g 4.7g
    -sugars 0.5g 4.2g
sodium 1mg 9mg


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