Coffee Beans-Millers Coffee 250g
Coffee Beans-Millers Coffee 250g

Coffee Beans-Millers Coffee 250g

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Did you know that we are the only stockists of Miller's coffee in Wellington?
Pop in to get a coffee and order your own beans
250gm $10

These beans are the real deal and satisfy the coffee tastebuds more than any other coffee I've tried. It is strong, earthy and really hits home.
Craig Miller is a bit of a legend in many ways but particularly when it comes to his unique blend of coffee. After many years at the roastery in Auckland he is still there sporting a bright shirt and a white beard most mornings and keeping his eye on the roast and his finger on the pulse at Miller's each day.
Find out about Craig's book here "Coffee Houses of Wellington" You can order your copy from us here at Harriet & George
Have a read of this interview from 2015 below to find out more.


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